Sit back and let us do the organising for you. When you hold an event at Messe Zürich, you are booking a great deal more than just a well-equipped venue. You will also benefit from the concentrated know-how of our experienced and highly committed team who will ensure that your event runs smoothly.


Messe Zürich | Jonas Scharf

Jonas Scharf

Deputy CEO Exhibitions & Events

Business Development & Innovation

Messe Zürich | Christian Ortlepp

Christian Ortlepp

Head of Business Development
Messe Zürich | Nicolas Pittet

Nicolas Pittet

Manager Business Development | Agencies, Corporates

Daniel Morent

Manager Business Development | Associations

Alina Benkenstein

Manager Business Development

Sokrates Michalis

Manager Business Development | Associations

Marketing & Communications

Messe Zürich | Sabrina Riedweg

Silvia Decker

Head of Marketing & Communications
Messe Zürich | Laura Strähl

Laura Strähl

Manager Marketing & Communication

Project Management & Coordination

Messe Zürich | Peter Jörg

Peter Jörg

Director Guest Events & Conventions
Messe Zürich | Corinne Jermann

Iris Fritschi

Head of Guest Events & Conventions
Messe Zürich | Peter Jörg

Sabrina Riedweg

Project Manager
Messe Zürich | Robin Trochsler

Robin Trochsler

Project Manager

Yvonne Spicar

Project Manager Guest Events & Conventions
Messe Zürich Creativa 2018

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