Technology and furniture

State-of-the-art event technology and the latest infrastructure

As an event organiser, you need to be able to rely on perfectly adjusted, functional infrastructure. This is why we only ever provide you with the latest-generation technical equipment. Our team of technicians also ensure that everything runs smoothly, while our extensive contacts will assist you in finding the right furniture for your event.

Event technology

When you plan an event with us, our longstanding technical partners will take care of compiling a detailed sound and lighting concept. And we similarly leave nothing to be desired when it comes to communication technology. Our venue is equipped with free WiFi and a fibre optic connection is available for live transmissions from outside.


Your event should not only be convincing on an organisational level but should also make a good visual impression. The right furnishings create a conducive atmosphere, show exhibits to their best advantage and ensure that visitors feel at ease in all respects. Use our furniture or have recourse to the wide range of services offered by our partner network to make your event dreams come true.