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Halls 1 + 2

Halls 1 and 2 are the two biggest in terms of surface area. They can be used individually or in combination with others and are designed to handle particularly large, heavy exhibition items. Objects weighing up to 40 tonnes can be delivered directly into the halls using ramps for side-loaders.

The 450-seat self-service “Verde” restaurant offers a wide range of refreshments. The galleries overlooking Halls 1 and 2 encourage guests to stay that little bit longer.

Messe Zurich Halls 1 + 2
Floor area9’140 m²
Hall 1: 4’430 m²
Hall 2: 4’710 m²
Length x width60 x 57 m
Max. exhibit height6.50 m
Clear height7.40 m
Eyebolt height8.10 m
Trafficability40 t truck
Floor load capacity1’200 kg/m²
Column grid19.20 x 9.60 m
Service grid1 connection per 45 – 50 m²
Goods lift3 x 6 m; height 3.50 m, 8.6 t load capacity
Door height4.50 m
Service connectionsFloor sockets for power, water, telephone and internet
Restaurants“Verde”, 450 seats