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Our COVID-19 Offer

To guarantee health and safety: an offer that allows you to meet your own quality requirements while observing the rules laid down by the Swiss government at the same time.

Our special offer at no extra cost

  • If the rooms booked cannot be used at their normal capacity on account of the Swiss government’s Covid-19 Ordinances or industry-specific protection concepts, the organiser will be offered appropriate alternatives at no extra cost*.
  • If the reserved exhibition space is not large enough to comply with the regulations issued by the Federal Office of Public Health or the requirements of the industry in question, organisers will be allocated additional square metres at no extra cost*.
  • If an event suffers a fall in visitor numbers due to the COVID-19 requirements, a discount will be granted that is calculated as follows: 10% fewer participants = 10% lower cost for room rental (maximum discount of 20%)**
  • Messe Zurich will provide a Template of Precautionary Measures free of charge. This takes into account both the measures adopted by the Federal Council in conjunction with the corona pandemic and the recommendations contained in the industry papers drawn up by the ICCA, UFI, AIPC and the Expo Event association. In addition, a comprehensive range of standard services is offered in order to facilitate the holding of events in compliance with the applicable hygiene and conduct rules.
  • Events for the year 2021 can be booked subject to Individual Contracts on request and can be rebooked or postponed with special conditions.

This offer is only valid for as long as the COVID-19 Ordinances adopted by the Confederation remain in force and/or for as long as a safety concept is specified or required by the organiser.

*following a check on the respective availabilities **Events with 2,000 visitors/participants must be checked individually


Messe Zürich

Sales Team