Competence in abundance for 2023.

Das Business Development-Team des Bereichs MCH Guest Events hat in den vergangenen Monaten Verstärkung erhalten. Neben Christian Ortlepp, der die Leitung im Januar 2022 übernahm, konnte es im Verlauf des letzten Jahres gleich drei Neuzugänge verpflichten. Dadurch kümmern sich nun insgesamt sechs Personen um den Vertrieb sowie die Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle und Partnerschaften für die Standorte Basel und Zürich.

Messe Zürich | BD Team
Christian Ortlepp, Daniel Morent, Sokrates Michael (Back row, left) Nicolas Pittet und Alina Benkenstein (Front row, left), Camilla Bühler is on maternity leave

Camilla Bühler and Nicolas Pittet have been working as Business Development Managers at MCH Guest Events for some time already. And they have now been joined by Alina Benkenstein, Sokrates Michalis and Daniel Morent to provide them with support. Together they are responsible for acquiring congresses, corporate events and guest fairs, organising site visits for customers and attending industry events where they represent the event cities of Basel and Zurich. Apart from this, they not only foster our existing partnerships but also pave the way for new ones, while steering innovative ideas for offerings at the two locations together with the associated pricing concepts.

Christian Ortlepp is delighted at the new additions to his team. “The acute phase with the pandemic was initially followed by a phase where we had to proceed cautiously. Now that both these phases are behind us, we can get going at full speed again – and it’s essential to have sufficient personnel resources at our disposal. It’s a great feeling to see that demand for live events has returned and that we can also welcome international customers to Basel and Zurich once again.”